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Having moved from London to Dallas and back, I have been working in telecoms & technology recruitment since 1998 and Founded First Point Group in 2004. When I first started, GSM was the next big thing and now we are waiting for the 5G revolution. Being involved in a people business is great – lots happening and it’s never dull.

Leading the Way in Telecoms & Tech Recruitment

My role is to make sure our business is running smoothly and one step ahead of the telecoms recruitment market. Our clients see us as a trusted partner and candidates enjoy the experience of working with First Point. I am proud that we have done so by building a great team and culture.

Fighting Fit for Fast Paced Hiring

I enjoy the fast paced side of recruitment and the competition to be the best in your sector. It’s great working with people internally and externally to make First Point the number one recruiter. Our business is built on long term relationships and our reputation is everything. I get a lot of satisfaction from working in a strong team and growing business.

In between work I try and stay fit boxing and at the gym. Family life keeps me busy at the weekend with dogs, horses and my children.


I have worked with Alistair and First Point Group for the last 6 years. Alistair was an excellent, professional and trustworthy agent who represented me for a number of positions all over the world. Not only he protected my interests in many contract negotiations but also he supported me extremely well during my contract work. It is no surprise for me that he quickly moved up to the top management in his company. I definitely recommend Alistair and if you need more details about him do not hesitate to contact me.
I first met Alistair in August 2006 when I joined First Point Group. Alistair has taught me everything I know about the Telecoms Industry. He is without a question one of the most focused, hardworking, business minded yet ethical people I know. I can truly say Alistair leads by example. It was great to see him turning a UK company into an multinational organization in a record numbers of years. For me, It continues to be a privilege to be part of the team he successfully built around him at First Point and I look forward to achieve even greater results in the future.